Software development in Egypt

I am sure that sometimes you are wondering, what are all those employees of corporation doing during their work schedules? Why foreign companies are located in Poland, Egypt, Malaysia, for example? Why there are producing their products in poorer countries to sell it in richer ones? For example, back offices are created in lower-price Poland, by banks that don’t provide their services in here. And what about offshore software development?

software in company

Autor: Kirsty Pitkin

You may think, that if there is some huge, international company, it is so wealthy, that executives don’t need to worry about money. You cannot be more wrong. This corporation is wealthy, because they are thinking about finances all the time. They have qualified analysts, and once one of them proof, that it will be much more cheaper to open new branch in country with lower minimal income level. They opened in Egypt, offshore software development center, and hired plenty of IT specialists. They offered them much more money than they usually earn, but much less, that they will have to pay to the same specialists, but located in United States. Egyptians are happy, because they have good job with opportunity to develop, and company is glad, because they just saved couple millions dollars, and they may spend it for creating new technologies.

There are, of course, people, who think this is not fair, that two people, are working in the same company, doing the same thing every day, and one of them are earning sometimes even ten times more money. And some of them are just happy that they have nice jobs, and others don’t want to work there, because they feel used by employers. But offshore software development idea is really good, it may help find creative minds outside main financial countries.

If you like it or not, companies are still hiring new employees for their offshore software development centers (more). Every now and then, they money helps to stabilized economical situation in those poorer countries. Much more people have job, and opportunity to develop.
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