Microsoft phones

In Poland, there are three kinds of operating systems available on smart phones, one of it, the youngest one is .net development. Windows decide to create their own mobile applications as the request from consumers. After they took over legendary Finnish brand of phones, they started with own label, simply known as Microsoft. Below, you may read about couple advantages of this company.


If you are user of newest distribution of Windows, you shouldn’t have any problem to manage with .net development at your smart phone. The layouts is design in the same, intuitive way. You are able to choose the size of icons, from very small, more legible, to much more bigger, the best for farsighted people. You can arrange everything in your own custom, way, to have the most functional device for you. And, what is the most important, it will be fully compatible with your computer.


There are a lot various distribution with .net development, depending of price you like to paid for it, and how advanced you want your smart phone to be. If you are looking for mobile with regular function like writing messages, using Internet, phoning and taking pictures, you will be gladly using our basic distributions. If you are wishing to have more sophisticated functions like advanced graphic client, or music creator, you could choose one of the distribution from higher level. The prize will be bigger, but it will be money well spend. The best of it, is that whatever distribution you pick, you want have problem with using it, because layout is the same. It will be also helpful for those, who are changing phone for newest model. Thats why people who once own .net development, usually stays with it.

In Europe, mostly Easter, one of the most popular distribution is Microsoft. Even when they changed name of label in the past, they still have a big group of devoted users. And there is nothing surprised about it – .net development is reliable and stable. And doesn’t matter if you are regular or advanced smart phone customer – there are plenty of models for everyone.

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