How to create an application?

To create the application we need to focus on four key phases. They are: planning, analysis, design and implementation. The first is planning. This is a key phase in the project. At this stage you should have to answer for what we create software and how it materializes. At this stage, should be familiar with the results of business analysis and feasibility studies. In other words, it should be decided that the software is to be built.

Here it is determined whether we can do it, whether the project has a value of a business and what, whether it will be possible to use the software if the uprising. At this stage, it sets out who will use the system, what the system is supposed to do, and where and when they will be used. Here, software development has just begun. This is where there is business analysis and requirements analysis. At this stage, the system is described as a black box requirements. It is also the first phase of the design, the product can be use case model. When we begin to design, it is the first decision on how the system is to meet the user’s requirements.

Here arises the concept of the internal logic of the system, its architecture and interfaces. Currently used methods of object-oriented, so the design is often an abstraction, quite accurate, however, the future system. Abstraction is independent of the method of implementation, however, should together constitute a project in the object-oriented paradigm. Implementation is the final phase of the software development process. As part of the project implementation and created the code, installation and testing, developed a plan for the remaining elements of the system life cycle is a plan support, management and development.

Generally, software development (news) should be planned. At the very beginning should be placed in the order of the different stages of our action. This is the key to success. You also can not forget about the appropriate team. A few trusted people will support and help at the same time meet the benchmarks.
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